Rock Climbing – Aborted

As I was walking today I decided to explore the cliff facing my camp site.  I did a little rock climbing, very carefully, to gain a different perspective. I got onto a ledge just above the green colored boulder in the right forefront of the photo. I then decided that I wasn’t being very smart since if I injured my self I would be in trouble as there is no one around to provide assistance if needed. With that in mind, I carefully aborted my rock climbing and returned safely to camp. Camp is at Saddle Mountain near Tonopah, AZ.

I would enjoy the exploring under different circumstances.




I went for a walk today. I try to walk regularly now as I know I need to. It used to be that a long walk for me was when I went to Walmart shopping. Not that I went that often.

Now I try to walk some every day the weather permits with no specific distance in mind. I try to walk away from camp for 20 minutes and hopefully the distance increases each time I walk. I start out uphill if possible so that it will be easier coming back downhill. I also try to tighten my abdominal muscles as I walk. I think this helps as my waist is smaller and my pants have to be held up by suspenders and my belt seems to go around my waist a time and a half.

The walking is not like normal terrain. I am in a desert region camping on the slopes of Saddle Mountain near Tonopah, AZ. The footing varies from small gravel to stone and boulder strewn  areas that are not level and often cut with gullies or washes that must be crossed. There are also small trees and bushes that have to be navigated. All this while watching foot placement to avoid snakes (in hibernation now?), animal holes, ankle twisting rocks and uneven terrain just so I won’t fall and hurt my self to where I can’t get back to camp on my own power.

I did go up the mountain today. I went up the grassy slope on the left side of the picture to where the grass and the rock cliff kind of run together. It took between 15 and 20 minutes to get there and I stopped a couple of times to look back and catch my breath. While I was there I took some pictures and enjoyed the view. I was looking down onto a valley along which runs Interstate 10 between Phoenix and Los Angeles with mountains visible in every direction.

It didn’t take long to get back to camp. I think I could have rolled down the mountain into the wash which is less than 50′ from the van.dsc04661

The photo is taken out the side door of my van.

my tiny house has wheels

My tiny house has wheels. I have about 80 square feet of floor space contained in a GMC  conversion van. Because my house has wheels I am mobile  and can go where and when I want. This does not mean that I am on vacation.

I live in my van or tiny house  but still have to live on a budget.  my budget does not include some normal items such as house payment or rent or an electric utility bill.

I camp on public ground and pay no fee for camping. There is free camping all over the United States if one wants to look for it. Most of it does not have hookups. That means I have to make alternative provisions for water,sewer, and electric.

How I do that is what I am going to share on this blog. I’m also going to share my travels and troubles if any.1485212019641988912946.jpg

“Tiny House”

I now live in a “Tiny House.”dsc04640

The news and social media portray tiny houses as the new thing for an alternative to “normal” living. Many ooh and ah over the idea and the cuteness of those pictured and think of the uniqueness and simplicity of living in a small house. Some have even signed up to win such a house when one is to be “given away” on social media. They are able to see the potential for cutting or eliminating many expenses associated with a larger house and would like to be able to live for less than what they are spending now.

It is not all positive, living in such a small place. Some realize the smallness of the house presents many challenges as well. Gone is your utility room. Gone is the dining room. Gone are his and hers walk in closets. No more walk in marble shower or Jacuzzi. Where do you put the things you have? Your favorite recliner will not sit next to your couch (which you no longer have room for). Clothes, shoes, electronics, go where? Food, water, meds, and cosmetics are they in boxes stacked against the wall?  Where do you hang your 48″ tv?

This is just an introduction to get you to thinking about living “tiny”.  I will be posting much more about me living in a “Tiny House.”