my tiny house has wheels

My tiny house has wheels. I have about 80 square feet of floor space contained in a GMC  conversion van. Because my house has wheels I am mobile  and can go where and when I want. This does not mean that I am on vacation.

I live in my van or tiny house  but still have to live on a budget.  my budget does not include some normal items such as house payment or rent or an electric utility bill.

I camp on public ground and pay no fee for camping. There is free camping all over the United States if one wants to look for it. Most of it does not have hookups. That means I have to make alternative provisions for water,sewer, and electric.

How I do that is what I am going to share on this blog. I’m also going to share my travels and troubles if any.1485212019641988912946.jpg


One thought on “my tiny house has wheels

  1. Hi, thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures. I like your tiny house. Tom and I have talked about traveling. I hope we can one day. Keep sending your pictures of your travels. Enjoy. Take care, Trisha

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