Journal – March a

I’m starting this journal on the third day of March.  I intend to try to write a line or so each day. I will try to update on at least a weekly basis.

March 1

I went for a long walk today.  I started uphill and walked the ridgeline as much as possible.  I intersected an old roadway that went to an abandoned mine and followed that roadway part way back to my camp.  As I was cutting across, away from the road, toward my camp I jumped a jackrabbit.  It startled me but that turned to surprise when I saw how large it was.  I think it compared in size to Nancy’s dogs.  It’s ears appeared to be almost as long as it legs were.  It’s certainly presented a larger picture of a jackrabbit then what I remember seeing in Wyoming.DSC04795


March 2

I didn’t do much today.  I decided to go to a meeting in Ajo, Arizona.  I found the necessary particulars of the meeting online.

March 3

We had a good meeting last night.  Only traveled 3 miles to make the meeting but it was over BLM roads that are graded yet rough, with twists and turns, up and down and a 15 mph speed limit.  It took about 15 minutes to travel that 3 miles.DSC04796

While I was in town I bought my tobacco that should last me a month.  I found it on sale and bought 10 rolls for $18.00.  That is quite a bit of a savings from my normal purchase price.

I moved camp a couple of miles today to a place a little farther off the road.  It is a much nicer campsite with more privacy but the cell service is very spotty.  My phone indicates that I am only getting 1X with one bar.  I am not able to download much and very slow on upload. I may decide to move.

March 4

I saw an astounding sight last night.  I woke up about midnight and looked out the window and saw that it was very bright outside.  I stepped outside to look at the Moon.  The Moon wasn’t there.  All I saw was stars.  It was quite a sight.  I don’t think I remember ever seeing such a number of bright stars.  I think I could’ve gone for a walk.

Decided not to move until about Tuesday when I will go to town, do my laundry, and go to the library, all in preparation for starting toward Tucson, Arizona on Wednesday.

Didn’t do much today.  Just took a walk, did some reading, and then did  some  personal care items.

March 5

I watched a beautiful sunrise this morning and meditated upon the relationship of man to God.  I would like to discuss that with someone.  I think it could be interesting and enlightening

I had a brown fox or small coyote come through camp this morning.  It made me realize that the size of animals quite often disagrees with my mental image.

I worked on my electric grid today.  I noticed one of my roof rack clamps was loose so I decided to redo the clamps on one side of my van.  I also cleaned the solar panels.  That’s a job that has to be done about every two weeks.

March 6

I didn’t do a whole lot today. I did some reading, some calisthenics and took a walk.

Saw my first hummingbird today.  The creosote bushes are in bloom and saw one hummingbird moving to feed on the blossoms.

March 7

I went to town today in preparation for leaving this area tomorrow.  I spent about 3 hours at the library this morning doing some general internet work such as updating and downloading books to my Kindle app on the computer and my tablet.  I also downloaded books to my Nook reader.  I then went to do my laundry and hit my solar panel on an overhanging awning.  Thank goodness there wasn’t any damage just a loose connection.

I had to redo one of my roof rack clamps.  I guess when I hit that awning it twisted enough to knock that clamp loose.  I hope!

I had to put another hole in my belt today.  That is the third one that I put in since I started losing weight.  I have a question.  What is the best way to gather clothes around your waist when they are too large for you?  I am finding it difficult to keep my pants from falling down around my knees.

March 8

I moved about 125 miles today.  Most of it was through Indian reservation.  I’m now on the east edge of Tucson Arizona on BLM land.  I had originally planned on spending about a week here but it is a very poor camping spot.  It certainly would do for an overnight stay but I wanted more.  I guess I’ll make my run to Wal-Mart, to buy my groceries in the next day or two and then go on down the road.  At least I have good cellular service.DSC04813

March 9

I decided to stay so I moved about 70 feet to a vacated spot next to a tree.  I put up my awning to provide shade for the side of the van.  The people who left the spot left a six gallon water jug, wild bird seed and firewood.  I cleaned and sanitized the water jug so that it looks brand new.  The van still got very hot but I did see a lot of different wild life.DSC04807




2 thoughts on “Journal – March a

  1. That’s awesome. I’m glad you’re writing every day. About the shrinking waist problem—I think once they’re uncomfortably loose, it might be time to go get some smaller clothing. I love shopping at Goodwill stores, etc. So much to choose from! Second, about discussing man’s relationship to God, well, I’m probably not the most knowledgeable, but I do enjoy that topic. Call me any time. 🙂 About the heat being a bit much in the van? Well, you are in Arizona, right? Might be cooler in Canada, but… don’t know that they have the kinds of camp grounds your looking for. So glad to hear from you, Whitey!

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