Furnishings & Layout 2

As I sit in the passenger seat, immediately behind me is storage for my shoes and some other odds and ends.

dsc04676The gun in front of the bathroom scales is simply an air rifle that I held onto.

Behind the drivers seat is storage that has a spare battery and some assorted materials.dsc04677

Between the seats, is a 5 gallon bucket that is used for storage and doubles as an end table.  There is also the center console, which is attached to the engine dog box,  that holds a lot of miscellaneous material readily available while driving and reclining.


Overhead is storage that is a part of the original van conversion.  That storage is divided into three different sections.  I use the left section for my toiletries and personal care items. The middle section for prescription medications, first aid supplies, and assorted medical supplies. the right section holds towels, wash cloths and hand towels as well as dish cloths and dish towels.


The cloth hanging below the left section slides across, to the right, on the wire to close the living area from the drivers compartment to provide more privacy and reduce the area for heating purposes.


Furnishings & Layout 1

This posting will be about the furnishings and layout of my van / tiny home.

Starting at the front of the van, I have of course the driver’s seat, which I definitely use when moving to different locations.  Next to it is the passenger seat.  I have turned the passenger seat around and made it into a recliner facing my living area.  The passenger seat no longer has seatbelts so I am unable to legally carry any passengers in the van while I’m driving.

Just to the front, since the seat is turned around, and left side of the passenger seat is the side door to the van through which I access the interior of my living space.  I must step up and be careful of my head as I’d get into the van.

This photo is taken from the side door.


More later.