“Tiny House”

I now live in a “Tiny House.”dsc04640

The news and social media portray tiny houses as the new thing for an alternative to “normal” living. Many ooh and ah over the idea and the cuteness of those pictured and think of the uniqueness and simplicity of living in a small house. Some have even signed up to win such a house when one is to be “given away” on social media. They are able to see the potential for cutting or eliminating many expenses associated with a larger house and would like to be able to live for less than what they are spending now.

It is not all positive, living in such a small place. Some realize the smallness of the house presents many challenges as well. Gone is your utility room. Gone is the dining room. Gone are his and hers walk in closets. No more walk in marble shower or Jacuzzi. Where do you put the things you have? Your favorite recliner will not sit next to your couch (which you no longer have room for). Clothes, shoes, electronics, go where? Food, water, meds, and cosmetics are they in boxes stacked against the wall?  Where do you hang your 48″ tv?

This is just an introduction to get you to thinking about living “tiny”.  I will be posting much more about me living in a “Tiny House.”